Cheerful, colourful, pleasant! That is the pot Gerbera Durora In- & Outdoor®. Recognisable by the In- & Outdoor® label in the shape of a little foot. The Gerbera Durora has been especially developed as outdoor plant. It is capable of withstanding low temperatures and guarantees a long blooming period, so you can enjoy your Gerbera Durora until late autumn.

The potGerbera Gerbera Durora In- & Outdoor®, originating from South America, Africa and Madagascar, is available in various bright, trendy colours like red, pink, orange, yellow and white. With its modern look and wide range of colours the Gerbera Durora will brighten your garden, terrace or balcony like never before.

On this website you will find anything you may want to know about the pot Gerbera Durora In- & Outdoor®.

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