The pot Gerbera Durora In- & Outdoor® is strong and easy to take care of. With the following care tips you can enjoy it even longer:


Both inside and outside is possible, in the shade or in the full sun, but preferably in a light place.


Make sure the (potting) compost is moist; the more light on the plant, the more water it will need. If the pot Gerbera Durora In- & Outdoor® is planted in pots, you should make sure that the excess water can run off.

Plant food

Add a little extra plant food to the water once every 2 weeks.


The plant can withstand cold nights and warm days.


Cut out the dead flowers to promote new blooms.

With the following tips you can experience more enjoyment from your Gerbera Durora In- & Outdoor®:

  • Plant a few Gerbera Durora In- & Outdoor® potGerberas together in a low, wicker basket and place it on your garden table. Like this you will have a beautiful flower arrangement on the table all summer long.
  • Place your Gerbera Durora In- & Outdoor® in a slender, high pot on your terrace. With the stately structure of the potGerbera you will create a chic and trendy flower decoration in a matter of minutes.
  • Place the various colours of the Gerbera Durora In- & Outdoor® in separate little pots or in little zinc buckets next to each other, for example on your terrace or along the edge of your balcony. The cheerful coloured little flowers on their long stems will immediately be the eye-catchers of your garden bed.
  • A fewGerbera Durora In- & Outdoor® Gerberas together in the soil between the green in your garden creates a surprising, cheerful effect.
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