How can I best take care of my potGerbera Durora Outdoor®?

The potGerbera Durora Outdoor® is a very easy plant to take care of. The plant can be placed both indoors and outdoors, in the shade or in the full sun. Ensure that the soil is always somewhat moist, but the water must be able to run off. Remove the dead flowers in order to get new flowers in its place.

Can I also put my potGerbera Durora Outdoor® outside?

Especially! This is the only potGerbera that can truly withstand both cold and heat. However, it can also be placed inside quite well.

Can the potGerbera Durora Outdoor® also spend the winter outside?

Even though the Durora Outdoor® can withstand cold nights, it cannot spend the winter outside because it is a one-year plant. It dies back under the influence of the seasons.

The flowers are limp, now what?

Check if the plant needs water. It could be that the pot Gerbera Durora Outdoor® needs water and to give it some extra help add a little plant food to get it to bloom beautifully again. Another possibility is that the plant received too much water. Make sure that the soil is moist, but not too wet.

How long will my Durora Outdoor® bloom?

Indoors you may be able to enjoy the flowers for up to 6 weeks. Outdoors the plant will last much longer, from early spring to late autumn. Naturally only if it is cared for well.

Where can I buy the potGerbera Durora Outdoor®?

Generally the Durora Outdoor® is sold at the better garden centres and at the florist’s. Ask for it at your trusted florist’s.

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